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About the California Victims of Crime Program

Many people are unaware that they (adults, adolescents and children) may qualify for free psychotherapy and clinical counseling if they, or a loved one, was a victim of or witness to a crime.  This is a service of the State of California’s Victim Compensation Program.

Do you think that you may qualify?  To get answers to your questions you may search the official website at:  http://www.vcgcb.ca.gov/victims/  or by calling (800) 777-9229(800) 777-9229 FREE.  You may also get answers to your questions by contacting the local coordinators.

If you find that you are eligible, our clinicians will be happy to help serve your mental health needs.

If you would like more information or a referral to your local coordinator, please call us at (310) 855-3990 or select the “Appointment Request” tab on this website.


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