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About Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy on Mental Wellness and Treatment:

According to our founder and Clinical Director, Dr. Daniel E. Bruzzone, mainstream psychotherapy can often be described as problem-focused.  However, as evidence-based practitioners, our counselors at Accent On Wellness Psychology Associates Inc. can best be described as solution-focused within a framework of a caring, respectful and empathic therapeutic environment.  


Our work embraces all facets of the biopsychosocial (physiological, psychological, and social) model of mental health; and, while we are trained to delve deeply into the patient's past using recognized psychodynamic, depth-based psychological interventions, we recognize that most people have it within themselves to resolve their own problems and need only a little guidance, and to be heard and understood, in order to gather the emotional strength required to resolve the situations in which they find themselves.  Therefore, our counselors rely heavily on a patient-centered, respectful approach to psychotherapy in order to help uncover existential concerns that are examined and treated in a time-effective and cost-effective manner using proven experiential, cognitive-behavioral, and solution-focused interventions to help each person find his or her own way to mental wellness. 


Often the best solution to a problem is not individual psychotherapy, but, rather, family therapy or couple’s therapy.  This brings up a problem for many people who think that the therapist will side against them or blame them for the couple’s or family’s problems.  However, Dr. Bruzzone and his staff have found that attending to each individual’s goals and his or her emotional needs during counseling sessions is critical to the success of couple and family psychotherapy. 


A Special Message to Men:

Unlike popular folklore, our experience indicates that men can benefit from counseling as much as women.  However, what tends to be true is that men have a more difficult time acknowledging and expressing their feelings.  Therefore, when working with men, our counselors tailor their therapeutic approaches to those more closely aligned to the needs of men in order to produce more positive outcomes.


A Special Message to Members of the Military, Pilots and First Responders:

At Accent On Wellness Psychology Associates Inc. we recognize that pilots and those in the military, current or veterans, police officers, fire fighters, and emergency personnel have their own set of specific concerns that may bring them to counseling, especially as pertains to their need for privacy and confidentiality.  Dr. Bruzzone has found that his extensive experience as a member of the military and with aviation has made it possible for him to form a common frame of reference allowing him to connect at a deeper level with pilots, veterans and first responders, while attending to the individual’s need for confidentiality.

A Word About Education:
At Accent On Wellness Psychology Associates, Inc. we ascribe to the tenet that knowledge is power!  Therefore, if you are looking for an experienced psychotherapist who is willing to help you learn how to resolve your own problems while being respectful of your desire for a focused solution to achieving mental wellness, we at Accent On Wellness Psychology Associates, Inc. look forward to helping you meet your social and emotional needs by helping you learn how to better manage your own challenges.

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